These are the voyages of the sailing vessel Pétillant. Her original eight-month mission: to sail from Baltimore to France via Florida and the Bahamas, to successfully navigate the shoals of the French douane, to boldly go where few Maine Coon cats have gone before was completed in 2008. Now she is berthed in Port Medoc and sails costal Spain, France, and the UK during the summer months.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Internet access

We seem to have figured out what is going on with the internet access. We disconnected the laptops from the new hardware, and operated for a while directly connected to the Marina AP, and discovered that they do cut off the connection every half hour, about 13 minutes after the half-hour. We have to wait a minute, and then re-login to re-establish the connection. I think that this is done to prevent streamers from monopolizing bandwidth, and our Vonage connection is therefore caught by it. The Vonage box disconnects, and unless one of us re-establishes a connection it can latch onto, it is dead.

Interesting strategy to control access to a limited resource. We may go up to the Marina and see if there is a way to fix this, but we have to be careful that they don't take offense at our use of the signal for Vonage. I have heard that some ISPs do NOT like to have their bandwidth used for telephone service that they are not paid for. Especially if the ISP is a telephone company...

Ahhh... we live in such an interesting age.

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