These are the voyages of the sailing vessel Pétillant. Her original eight-month mission: to sail from Baltimore to France via Florida and the Bahamas, to successfully navigate the shoals of the French douane, to boldly go where few Maine Coon cats have gone before was completed in 2008. Now she is berthed in Port Medoc and sails costal Spain, France, and the UK during the summer months.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Shakedown Cruise

Surprisingly about 7:30 PM on the Sunday after I posted my last entry saying that the canvas for the boat would not arrive on a holiday, the nice canvas lady and her husband showed up with all the canvas repairs finished and offering to help us set up the dogger and bimini. We thanked them for their dedication but said we would install it ourselves the next day which we did. That meant Tuesday (May 10) we could be off to Ile de Re. The weather was perfect and we left with the tide. We had 10 1/2 hours to sail 40 nm in order to get to the island's protective ecluse by it's opening at 8:30 PM and get into the harbor.

Steering was sluggish which was to be expected on a first time out. We had not hauled the boat this spring to clean off the bottom because we hauled it last year and there was nothing growing on it so we thought we could get away with a season without a haulout. WRONG.

Our usual 8-9 knot speed was trailing at 4 knots. We were not making much progress. At 5 PM we decided we had another 5 hours to go and were not going to make the ecluse opening. We would be looking for an anchorage in the dark which was not how we wanted to spend our first cruise of the season. So we turned back and got back to the marina before dark. The next day we arranged for a haul out.

The travel lift is very busy at this time of the year and we had to wait a week for a slot. We went back to the kitties until yesterday when we drove back to the marina. We were hauled this morning and there were all types of mussels, clams, oysters, etc. growing on the prop and rudder. The bottom was power washed and we are back in the slip ready to head off to Ile de Re tomorrow.

Hopefully we will have better luck this time. The weather is supposed to be great for the next 3 days.

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Joan & Phil said...

Ou sont les ecluses? Saint-Martin-de-Re ou La Flotte?

Est-qu'il ya des huitres la-bas?