These are the voyages of the sailing vessel Pétillant. Her original eight-month mission: to sail from Baltimore to France via Florida and the Bahamas, to successfully navigate the shoals of the French douane, to boldly go where few Maine Coon cats have gone before was completed in 2008. Now she is berthed in Port Medoc and sails costal Spain, France, and the UK during the summer months.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oban, Again

We are almost ready to leave Oban, heading north, again.  But this time, we will only go about 10 miles, to the Jeanneau Scottish Rendevous, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday in Dunstaffnage.  Our time here has been productive, restorative, and pleasant.

First of all, we sent the autopilot off to Raymarine for repairs.  The local Raymarine dealer hung us out to dry, promising to send out a technician for 3 days.  Finally, the tech told us that he really did not have time to deal with us, so we just packed it up and sent it off.  If we had been told that they didn't want to deal with us in the first place, we would have done this a week ago.  Not a nice thing to do. At least the lady in the post office was helpful and pleasant when we sent the unit back to Raymarine.  And, it looks like we may get a refund on our postage - they are late in delivering it.

OTOH, we have been having some very nice chocolate and waffles in  Oban Chocolate.  Some with strawberries, some with raspberries, some with bananas.  All quite tasty.  And, we discovered that the new restaurant in the marina does the most marvelous sandwiches - bacon and scallops on a baguette, for example.  We are going to try out the local oysters tonite.

Major shopping was an important part of this stay, as well.  We are now well stocked with whisky, focusing on brands and editions that we do not see in France.  rxc's favorite, Lagavullin, however, was not purchased at all, because we get it about 25% cheaper in SW France.  Not a problem - it is just a matter of choosing the best place to buy the best stuff at the best price.

We also stocked up on gifts for friends, and little tasty tidbits for aperitifs.  When we get to Troon we plan to rent a car for 2 days, to go buy kitty litter at Costco, and to get the gas bottles filled.  We will also do some sightseeing that we missed last time.

It has been nice to be able to sleep in every morning for a week.  And the kitties really liked the fact that we have not been to sea for a while.  All-in-all, a good stop.

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